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Cowgirls are the WILDEST angels,
they have cowboy hats for HALOS and horses for WINGS

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Connecting with our horses and ourselves

Spiritual Cowgirl is a dynamic brand connecting equestrians and western women through the wisdom of the horse. Spiritual Cowgirl is a blog, community and coaching platform that helps relate the struggles we sometimes go through with our horses, to the trials and tribulations of life, love, family, and friendship. We know that being around horses is about so much more than just hopping in the saddle, it's a way of life and a mindset and our horses often teach us the greatest lessons we could ever learn in life. 

We cover a wide range of topics from holistic horse health, self-development, riding tips, goal setting and the ups and downs of life as an equestrian. 


Most importantly we explore and develop our mindset around horses and riding and build an even deeper knowledge of the energy of Equus. Spiritual Cowgirl is all about showing  the beauty in the parallels between riding and life and helping equestrians to learn to trust the process, connect with their horses and believe in themselves.

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