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horseback riding near the rocky mountains
Spiritual Cowgirl

Hey there! I’m Rachel, your Spiritual Cowgirl. And that title pretty much says it all.  I've always found that horses teach us more about life and love than anyone else ever could. Their lessons are much more far reaching than the walls of the practice arena. The lessons of horses, ranching and living a country lifestyle are profound and spiritual. My passion in life is helping horses and humans communicate just a little bit better together and with others.


This blog is a way of me writing and expressing the trials and tribulations of life and the lessons we can learn from them in the most relatable way a cowgirl knows how to. See, whether we’re on the backs of our horses in the competition ring, out on the trail, or bareback in the pasture, we are living our most blessed life. Experiencing the presence of these amazing animals and getting to spend each day with them is an extraordinary opportunity. But life isn’t always grazing in the sunshine and winning buckles and blue ribbons, sometimes we have hard things come up in life that hit us. And whether these are obstacles in our everyday life or with our equine partners, I have found that the best answers come from the silent, guiding energy of horses. Anyone who has had the privilege of hugging a horse on their worst day, or saddling up and hacking across a hay field, knows that the depth of connection in these incredible animals is healing and spiritual beyond belief.


It is my goal with Spiritual Cowgirl to show you the beauty in the parallels between riding and life and help us all learn how to become better riders and humans. I am committed to breaking the stigmas and speaking out on the unspoken taboos in the horse world and helping riders get over their mindset hurdles.The SC brand is a community, coaching platform, and blog designed to teach riders from all backgrounds how to grow their mindsets, open their hearts and learn to trust the process while trusting our horses.

So here it is. A simple blog to highlight the magic and brilliance of equestrian partnership and show us how to feel and trust their spirits, allow them to ground us, and listen as they whisper to us.

Sometimes we’re at a full gallop, sometimes an ambling walk, sometimes i'm just dozing on the grass in the sun while my horse grazes idly nearby. And in that dream, I can feel us talk. Just whispers really- a few words, a snort, a gesture, a flicked tail is all we’ll need to know exactly what the other is thinking and feeling. To others, it’ll look like magic. And you know what? They’d be right.

                                                                             -Chris Irwin, Horses Don’t Lie

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