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What to do with Your Horses During the Winter Months

Updated: May 31

It's officially winter, and our time with our horses might be starting to look a little different these days.

In the winter months, as things start slowing down and the cold keeps me from riding as much, I take time to focus on the connections with my horses. There is something so powerful that happens when we connect and tune in to our horses’ emotional and mental states. When we truly feel into our relationship with them. When we take the time to have fun with them and make sure we’re showing them enough love and respect.

This is the time of year to slow down and offer our horses the emotional and energetic support that they deserve, and give to us so unwaveringly.

Whether we consciously know it or not, we bring so much emotional baggage to our horses. And sometimes our connection and relationship starts to suffer and needs a little re-centering. The energy and emotions of our relationship can get caught up between us and we need to clear the air.

Communication gaps happen, mistakes are made, we get in sticky situations or scary moments when riding, or we’re pushing our training hard and get a little too focused on the results instead of the journey and time we're spending with our horse. The frustrations and emotions start to rise up and that energy can actually get stuck in us and start affecting our physical body and the way we ride and move. All of these factors and emotions add up and can attribute to distance, in the heart to heart connection we have with our horse.

Our horse is our partner and the experiences we have together leave a lasting memory and mark. Just like in our human relationships, we must take the time to focus inwards and reflect on how we are relating to our horse. It’s our responsibility as their partner to make sure that we’re taking care of their emotions and energy as purely as they take care of ours.

We do this by slowing down and spending intentional time with them. Showing our devotion to their body through grooming and massage. Staying quiet and just allowing them to interact with you. Playing with them, running around in the pasture with them, laughing and feeling joy with them. Your horse will enjoy feeling a different more relaxed energy from you and this in itself will be healing. But this time will also allow you to feel into your horse's emotions and if you open your heart and listen with your intuition, you might just receive some beautiful wisdom or powerful perspectives that your horse is willing to offer you.

You may also sense some pain, hurt feelings, misunderstanding or other deep emotions between the two of you which need some attention and healing time.

Which is why I offer emotional and energetic healing sessions for horses, to help facilitate healing and emotional connection between horses and their riders.

All sessions are done virtually with photos or videos of your horse and you. I tune in energetically to check in with your horse and help heal through anything that comes up mentally, emotionally or physically and clear any energy blockages lingering between you. These powerful distance healing sessions are available to book through the link below if this resonates with you.

If you’re ready to connect with your horse on a deeper level, book your equine connection reading and lets dive in to your horse’s emotional and mental well being and develop your relationship and connection even more.

As always,

Ride With Spirit

~Spiritual Cowgirl

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