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What it means to be a Rider

So why is this equestrian mindset stuff that I talk about so much so important?

Why does feeling confident as a rider really matter anyways?

Well here's why:

Because riding isn’t just a hobby….once you’re a horse girl you couldn’t quit horses if you tried.


Because it’s about more than winning, it’s about the blood, sweat, tears, early mornings, bumps and bruises and every penny you’ve invested in them.


Because it’s about your daughters/husbands/friends noticing a strength in you when you’re in the saddle and you wanting to feel and see that in yourself.


It’s about that soul flutter when you walk up to your horse and see them look into your errs and everything from the day clears away.


Confidence isn’t about looking good it’s about feeling that depth of your seat the moment after you swing your leg in the stirrups, pick up the reins and feel yourself in that moment, completely sure and connected with another being in unity.

Inner strength

It’s not about having one good ride…. It’s about having 10 good ones. And that moment of shock when you reflect and realize how far you’ve come and that all of those rides you’ve stayed strong no matter what and your horse has responded and you feel that complete trust and devotion.


THAT'S confidence.

THAT's being a rider.

THAT'S WHY this mindset and confidence stuff matters!

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What does riding mean to you? I'd love for you to comment and let me know what riding and life with horses is all about for you.

We all value our horses so much but their meaning in our lives is so diverse and unique to each of our experiences. We love sharing about all of the amazing lessons and magic horses give us over in the Spiritual Cowgirl Community facebook group. Are you a member yet? Join me and more like minded riders HERE

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