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The Energy of Connection

Updated: Mar 20

Do you ever just stop to feel the energy at the end of your rope?

To feel the power and vibration of your horse. Do you ever tune into the wind blowing their main?

Do you ever stop to patiently read their bodies and try to understand their minds, as we ask them to do for us all the time?

Do you ever appreciate their attentiveness and look at the space between their ears as they face forward taking in ever sigh you make?

Do you ever dance with your horse and play as you work on the ground with them?

As you ask them to move their haunches and show you respect...Do you ever pause to show them YOUR respect and attentiveness? Have you ever felt the stillness and weight of your rope as you both pause, watching for the slightest movement in the body to communicate to each other?

Have you ever paused to breathe with them in their slow steady way?

Have you ever recognized the 1500 pounds of weight and space they occupy, have you ever thought about the loyalty and commitment they offer us in a halter made of half inch rope?

Have you ever pondered all the things you ask of them and the few things they ask of you in return?

Take a moment to sit in the grass and feel them. Feel the energy they have that could override you in any moment and yet feel the choice they make to stand at attention, patiently awaiting your next command. Honour that. Never forget the privilege of that choice.



Rider Resource:

If you're wanting to develop the deep, soulful trust and connection with your horse even more, here is a beautiful video that will walk you through a connection practice that you can try with your horse. If you give this Connection Practice a try, let me know in the comments how it goes for your or film your own experience and share it!

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