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Summer must-haves with your horses

My best remedies and solutions for navigating the heat, bugs, and increased riding over the summer months.

As riders, I think we can all agree that the season we most look forward to throughout the year is summer (especially for us Canadians who have to endure frigid winters) All of the beautiful days, warm weather, shows, rodeos, and trail rides that we know we have ahead of us. It seems to be the climax of the year and lead to the most planning and excitement. But summer does come with its downfalls. Hot weather, flies, mosquitoes, and bugs of all kinds plus the added workload on our horses as we get them back into shape after the long winter. Over the years, I've tried a million different tricks and learned quite a few natural ways to lessen those downfalls. Here are my top remedies and solutions to help keep summer safe and enjoyable for you and your horses.