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Living a more Present life

5 ways to slow down in life and appreciate the scenery between your horse's ears

Doesn’t it seem like there’s never enough time in the day? There are never enough days in the month, weeks in the year. You never realize how fast a month flies by until you have an appointment that is the same every month. When I was in college and having to work on 20 horses a month and work full time and wrangle my own horses and dogs I realized very quickly how fast a month flew by. I am raising my hand right now because I am 100% guilty of absolutely rushing through life and not even noticing it pass me by…. Who’s with me? C’mon put your hand up, you know you do it too. Every day the to-do list gets longer and the days feel shorter. The daily chores seem to take up half your life. We rush through life with coffee and gasoline in our tanks. The saying “Rise and Grind” defines us. The one time we are supposed to slow down is when we get on the backs of our horses right? But raise that hand again if you’ve ever said you need to “just get a quick ride in” to keep going with your training program, or because you feel guilty that you haven’t ridden your horse in two weeks because life got in the way but you feel like you should get on just for th