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I was ready to throw in the towel on my riding...

Updated: May 31

How I went from wanting to give up riding, to feel more confident and strong than ever before.

Truth time...

Just a few years ago I was ready to throw in the towel on my riding..

No one knew I was struggling with my riding.

No one knew that my confidence was eroding away, that my mindset was $hit and that most visits to my horses ended with tears.

I’d been a rider all my life. It was my identity. But life had started to get in the way. My own injury, my horse’s injury, schooling, work, relationships, bills all took a toll on my riding and my confidence as a whole.

I was lost.

I was frustrated.

And I was wondering how the hell I got to that point.

See, you don’t always lose your confidence overnight. Sometimes it’s a slow gradual burn.

I didn’t know what to do anymore. My friends would ask me to ride and I came up with every excuse in the book of why I couldn’t. When you have horses you’re supposed to enjoy riding right? But I didn’t anymore. I didn’t have any direction or passion in my riding.

My deepest desire was to barrel race and train up my horses to their fullest potential. My deepest desire was to feel powerfully connected with the amazing horses I knew I had under me.

But I didn’t feel like a rider anymore. At least not on the inside. I’d have good days and try and get out for a ride. But as I’d reflect on the drive home, I couldn’t have felt farther away from the rider I wanted to be.

My mindset was the one thing holding me back.

I started diving into personal development work and applying it to all aspects of my life including my horses and riding. I started to realize how much my beliefs, fears, excuses and insecurities were affecting not just my riding but also my horses and my life. Then I learned how to reframe, release and rewrite all of these hang ups. I learned how to overcome obstacles, grow and progress in my mindset.

My confidence grew as I unpacked all of those pieces and worked through them.

My life changed when I started diving deeper into the mental aspects of riding horses.

I figured out who I was as a rider again.

I figured out who I was as a person.

And now, I'm so deeply grateful that I made these changes and learned how to do this work and become the new confident rider that I am today.

Now maybe you’re not struggling as much as I was, I was in it deep.

But if any bit of this resonates with you then my self paced program The Confident Rider Course will help your create the transformation in your riding that you need to have your story turn out like mine.

Because trust me life with horses doesn’t need to feel like this. And I’d love to help you shed all of these shadows and find the light and passion in your riding again.

Send me an email if you're ready to jump in and become the most confident rider you've ever been, and I'll help you get there.

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