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How to build consistency into your riding for exciting outcomes

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

We can’t control everything in this world but there’s one thing that we always CAN control… Our own consistency. Consistency is the one thing in horses that will take you farther than any other riding skill or technique ever will. Everyday, we as riders can control how consistent we are with our horses, how consistent we are at working on and developing our mindset, how consistent we are at showing up for our goals and our dreams and choosing to make things happen. I know, I know, consistency doesn't sound sexy or fun. It sounds like we have to do the same thing over and over until we become perfect at it. But we don’t have to be perfect. That’s never the goal. We just have to be making regular progress and moving in the right direction.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve been truly consistent in your riding, or you’ve had a setback that has you procrastinating… that’s okay. Take the time to reflect on it, feel it, experience all the emotions with it, recognize your excuses, and then get ready to continue on. Don’t let small missteps stop you. Because I promise you that if you stay persistent and determined and take everything day by day continuously you will see progress. And if not, then you will learn from the challenges and that will set you up for the next step.

Truly one of the hardest things for me in life has been staying consistent. Life happens and things come up and it becomes so easy to let excuses keep you playing small and away from your riding. But excuses become habits my friends. And you know what’s a habit too… consistency. You have to create the habit of keeping at your goals even when things get a little hard. You’re a tough rider, you can handle the hard stuff right?! But eventually what you’ll find is that the more consistent you are the more you start to crave those things that you used to put off. Like working out, like riding, like mindset development, like journaling and meditation. At first they’re all hard to implement into your life, (they’re hard for everyone, Rider) but the more consistent you stay the easier they become. The faster you see things start to happen and then you’ll crave more of it. You CAN control your own will power. It’s all about choice and wanting you desires deeply enough.

You can CHOOSE to keep moving, keep working, keep learning. And you can CHOOSE to always have an open mind to new skills, techniques and opportunities that will help you grow and succeed faster. As cliche as it sounds, consistency is key!

So how do you build consistency in your riding life?

Here are a few tips to start building that steadfast momentum.

Set small but achievable goals that you are excited about! If you’re not excited about them then what’s the point. Find your WHY and remember why these goals are exciting to you.

Create accountability. Have a friend to work with, a coach, or family members who will ask you how you’re doing and encourage you on those hard days. Having people and goals keeping us accountable makes it a lot harder for us to choose those excuses.

Think of the joy of the outcome and remember the pain of the consequence. There is pain in staying where you are unfulfilled, not feeling free and confident in the saddle and not accomplishing what you desire. But on the flip side there’s an amazing outcome just waiting for you to create it through your consistent hard work. Think often about the outcome, what you truly want and how incredible it will feel when you get there.

Celebrate the journey. Give yourself a pat on the back at each little micro win. Every win celebrate, every “failure” reflect and learn from. Remember fail only stands for First Attempt In Learning

And most importantly…

Find the fun and gratitude in every bit of the process. Because every single day around horses, the magnificent 1000 lb creatures that let us on their backs and let us guide them with leather and ropes is an amazing feat and gift in and of itself. Like seriously, when was the last time you thought about how cool that was?!?!

This is your time to shine Rider! This is your time to get consistent and start making those major strides with your horse. If you’re looking to build consistency in your riding I am here to encourage you, challenge you and push you to become the best rider you can be with my 1:1 coaching programs Rider Reclaimed and Reignited. You choose the level of coaching you need. I bring the passion and help drive you towards your next biggest progression with your horse!

Book a complimentary 30 min mindset mastery session with me today for us to get you set up with your goals and determine which coaching level is best for you!


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