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Breaking the Connection

Why sometimes walking away from a partnership is the best (albeit hardest) choice to make.

All my life I’ve had a connection with horses. Never met a horse I couldn’t work with. Sure, there were a few I didn’t particularly like and those that challenged and pushed me, but id never had a horse that I just couldn’t mesh with. Until I bought a little mare I planned to train and sell. She was beautiful, had great bloodlines, and would mature to be a wonderful horse. But she had an attitude. And I’ve been one of the lucky few who has only ever had amazing mares. My main mare is the one in a million horse that everyone wants. More gelding than mare. Pure heart, no attitude, can’t even tell when she cycles, willing and ready for me at all times and the horse I am most deeply connected with on the planet.

But this young mare with all her potential, and I do not mix. We had war after war. We couldn’t agree on anything. We just couldn’t get on the same page. The funny thing was anytime I would get a friend to ride or work with her, she completely changed. Our connection just wasn’t there. As I write this, I still own her, bu