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The Confident Rider Course

~Master Your Mindset & Gain Unlimited Confidence in the Saddle~

The Confident Rider Course

 -Where You Embrace Your Rhythm-

Whether you're new to riding or you've worn in the saddle … the way you feel about yourself affects your riding.

You Have 2 Choices


  1. Ride in Rhythm (Confident Rider) or

  2. Ride on Eggshells (Self-Doubt)

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You're here to become a confident rider that moves in unison with your horse.

To let go of the fear, limiting beliefs, and judgment. All of which is holding you back from reaching your unlimited potential as a confident rider.

We may never be on the A-Circuit, but we all know our horse needs a confident rider.


And before you question where you land on the confident rider scale …

… fear not, 'cause if you're worried about falling off or being injured, doubt your abilities or partnership, feel disconnected or perhaps, unsynchronized with your horse, I've got you covered.

Tired of the overwhelm, self-doubt, and wrestling with a negative mindset or comparisonitis?

This course can address 'all the things' that hold you back from building upon your skill and overall effectiveness as a rider.

"I jumped on the horse, was in control, and rode off into the sunset" – said no real rider ever..

Think Confidence & Mindset Have Nothing to do with Riding?




Confidence comes from within.


It means knowing we are beautiful, capable, resilient, strong, powerful and whole.


You are enough.

Confidence isn't always easy to come by.

But it can be developed, and you can foster it.


BUT Before you feel confident... 

We've got to unpack any baggage holding you back from being self-assured, courageous, and the bold chick riding in the wind. 


Develop an understanding of where you're at and why, and work through the more profound mindset components affecting your riding.


It takes courage to admit you're not a confident rider. And I've worked with riders that were once in a similar saddle as yours.

 Lost. Fearful and On Edge.

But I know, as an experienced rider and Coach, whether you look forward to an ambling walk or a gallop, together, we can make your riding feel magical.

I designed this group coaching program to bring riders (like you) together in one safe, supportive space.  

The Confident Rider Course is the perfect tool for you to learn, grow and succeed … enabling you to feel confident and passionate in the saddle again.


It's a way to work through the challenges. To overcome the fears, rebuild the partnership with your horse and be a happy, confident rider.

black horse in leather tack

Spiritual Moments

At the age of 3, my Gramma B  took me out to feed carrots to the horses and from across the field where the horses grazed softly, I felt their pull and magic deep in my soul

From that day, I was fascinated with horses. And yah, I've got the touch - riding came naturally, as did training horses and I embraced the horse world in every which way.


I mean, come on … what horse girl doesn't become obsessed and spend every weekend in a dirty barn smelling like horses? I know. I know.Riding was pure joy and excitement for me until it wasn't.


In 2012, I suffered an accident that changed my life.


On an easy afternoon ride, something spooked my horse, Abby and she bucked (for the first time ever) and I went flying off into the sand.

It was a fluke accident that fractured two vertebrae in my back.

The injury left me in pain, lacking confidence, and in fear of getting back in the saddle.

Insight and Shift

It wasn't until I began to link the deeper ties between my personal life and my riding life did, I realize they needed to become one.


Over the years, I did the work. I developed an abundant mindset as both a woman and a rider.


I embraced new practices to work through what held me back. I stepped out, gained a new level of confidence with my horses and within my own life.


And this is how Spiritual Cowgirl was born.

With Grit and Grace

I've been in the saddle. I've been in the barn and the paddocks with you.


My horses have supported me through some tough times.


But as you may know, the horse life draws you in time and time again. You can never let it go.

Like what it feels to have the sun on your face, resting up along the fence nuzzled by a gentle giant, the feeling grounds you, and dang, it's a happy place. Am I right?


And yet, over time, you've stepped away … you've lost your confidence and struggle with your identity as you ride less and less. Leaving you to question if you can still call yourself a rider.


Can you relate?  Give me a hell yes 'cause I get it, rider.

The Confident Rider Course is the first step to manage your mindset gracefully and receive support to build confidence as a rider in 6 weeks.


You'll walk away with invaluable resources and tools to become your boldest, strongest–most confident self.


It's a transformation that will light a fire within … to ignite an empowered version of yourself as a rider that I know you can be.

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Imagine if every time you stepped into the saddle and worked with your horse you felt....





A confident rider is the only thing that can build a confident horse- Spiritual Cowgirl



  • To get to a place where you can feel unstoppable.


  • To release the fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs (in life & the saddle).


  • To trust yourself and your horse fully.

  • To reach your highest potential as a rider and achieve more than you ever dreamed. 

You have the power to create that in your life.


And it starts now by committing to own your inner confidence as a rider.


Rachel On & Off The Saddle

Hey girl! I'm Rachel Smith.


Is there anything better than the smell of a leather saddle? And I’ll let you in on a little secret … you may think I'm crazy, but I love the scent of my horse – it's aromatherapy.


I support women horseback riders in overcoming their fears and self-doubt. I became an Equestrian Mindset Coach because I understand the connection between women and their horses on a deeper level.


The Confident Rider Course is to help you feel confident and passionate in the saddle again.


To overcome mindset hurdles faster and more gracefully, with a better support system than I had.


Together we tackle the unwritten rule in the horse world by rejecting the notion of "getting right back on the horse after falling off".

I offer riders a safe, supportive community and share my personal experiences and expertise to fuel transformations for my clients – in and out of the saddle. 


What You'll Receive

riding horse on grass

The Confident Rider Course is a 6-week group coaching program.



6 Weekly Live group coaching calls via Zoom.

A Private FB group where all members in the program will receive support and accountability from myself and group members.

6 Modules with exercises, meditations, and a workbook.

5 Bonus training videos with tips for working with your horse.

Access to all recordings and future updates

Course Outline

Module 1: Discovering What's Limiting Your Riding

Module 2: Realize & Release Your Fears

Module 3: Rewrite Your Limiting Rider Stories

Module 4: Deepening The Connection With Your Horse

Module 5: Creating A New Rider Identity

Module 6: Riding Forward & Next Steps

Rider's Investment

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Rider's VIP Package

If you're ready to run and lean in … the VIP package is perfect for you.



  • 60-minute private coaching call (deep dive into what is holding you back and affecting your relationship you’re your horse.                                                       

  • WhatsApp support – a link to me via a private chat to ask me questions throughout the 6-week program.                                              

  • Additional coaching and exercises to maintain momentum, keep you accountable and ignite a significant transformation.

Pay In full- 
Payment Plan-3 x $350

The Rider's Package

  • 6 Weekly Live group coaching calls                                                     

  • A Private FB group for accountability and support               

  • Online access to all modules and training materials                             

  • 5 Bonus training videos with tips for working with your horse.

Pay In full- $800
Payment Plan-
3 x $290 CAD

Join the waitlist to be notified when the next round of The Confident Rider Course opens. 
Next Round June 2022!


Ride with Spirit

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