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1:1 Equestrian

Mindset Coaching

1:1 coaching is for riders who are not achieving what they want to with their horses. For riders who want to learn how to reconnect with themselves and their horse, become more confident as riders, map out their goals and exercises with their horses, and release their fears and limitations so that they can accomplish their biggest goals and hit their next levels in their sport


For the rider who is ready to:

-Develop a deep unbreakable connection with their horse

-Feel fearless and confident in the saddle

-Take their riding and equine partnership to the next level 


This is for you if you’re feeling:

-Stuck and unsure how to progress in your riding

-Disconnected to your horse and like you are experiencing training breakdowns

-Fearful of your horse and don’t want to get on and ride


Coaching will help you:

-Reach a new level of confidence, control and comfort riding your horse

-Release fear and limiting beliefs that are holding you back 

-Connect with your horse body mind and soul

-Feel inspired and renewed and wanting to ride more and more!

I’ve been right there with you before rider. Struggling with my mindset, disconnected from my horse, wishing I could feel like the confident rider I used to be. It took me years to learn how to work through my fears, limiting beliefs, the judgments of others, and all of the thoughts and energy that held me back. I wish I could have that time back with my horses.


But I learned how to work through my blocks and shift my mindset. Now I get to help you work through your mindset so you can get back to feel strong and empowered with your horses asap. 


Everything changed in my riding and in the relationships with my horses when I started integrating mindset work to my horsemanship.


Equestrian Mindset Coaching will change your perspective, your confidence and your life. 


Coaching Details

In our Equestrian Mindset Coaching sessions we will be diving deep into your conscious and subconscious beliefs, reprogramming your mindset and working through exercises to deepen your energetic and physical connection with your horse. 

Our online video coaching sessions will include a variety of tools to help you strengthen your mindset and overcome obstacles with yourself and your horse including, guided regressions, meditations, journaling prompts, riding exercises, and more.


If you are ready to step up to the next level within yourself and with your horse and let go of all that has held you back, then this is the place to start.

Book a 30 minute complimentary Mindset Mastery Session to see if Equestrian Mindset Coaching is right for you!

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