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Tapped in Riding-6 Part Video Course


Are you struggling with anxiety Rider? The Tapped In Riding Mini Course will help you release the negative beliefs and fears that are holding you back from riding at your best! There are 6 main roadblocks that prevent riders back from feeling confident and free in the saddle. This course will show you a powerful tool called EFT to over come them. This course is for you if you struggle with: -Being afraid of falling off or getting injured -Doubting your abilities as a rider -Procrastinating going out riding -Fearing the judgment of other riders -Feeling disconnected & out of sync with your horse -Feeling like you're not as good a rider as you once were When you purchase this course you gain immediate and lifetime access to all of the resources, it is sent straight to your email and you're ready to start! I walk you through all of the details of EFT and how it works, you get 6 short tapping videos working through each roadblock, plus PDF copies of the scripts so you can tap along with me. Oh and there may be a special BONUS video in there as well 😉 Grab the course and get ready to tap away your resistance and release anxiety so you can ride freely again!



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