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Rider Reclaimed

1:1 Coaching 

For the rider who is ready to take back their riding from fear, procrastination & disconnection. Who is ready to rise and reclaim their identity as a strong passionate rider again.


The 3 month dedicated 1:1 coaching program to rebuild and develop your confidence in the saddle


This is for the rider who is struggling with their mindset, experiencing fear and anxiety, feeling disconnected from their horse, or coming back off an injury, and finally choosing to recommit to themselves and their horse and get back to their riding.



This coaching program will allow you to conquer your fears, rebuild and deepen the partnership with your horse and become the fully expressed, dynamic, confident rider that you desire to be.


This is the space to work through the challenges you’ve been facing with your horse and reclaim your riders spirit.



You will:

>>Overcome your fears

>> Learn to let go of self-doubts,

>>Find trust in yourself and your horse

>>Release stagnant, unserving energy held in your body & your horse’s  

>>Develop an unshakable bond with your horse that creates a unity in your partnership

>>Learn how to let go of self-imposed judgements and the opinions and criticism of others

>>Reach your next level of confidence, control and comfort in the saddle

>>Connect with your horse body, mind and soul




horse back rider in arena

You get:​

  • A 3 month dedicated coaching program with 12 weekly calls (4/month)

  • Tailored bonus trainings, handouts and workbooks relevant to your journey

  • Personalized exercises with your horse

  • Journal prompts to dive deeper into your subconscious beliefs  

  • Mental and physical tools to integrate into your riding including: Breathing techniques and personalized meditations, fear regressions

  • Weekly action steps and accountability

This powerful 1:1 coaching experience will give you a next level presence with horses.


Teach you how to evolve in your horsemanship.


Lead you to become the ultimate reclaimed, activated, unshakable rider.


We tap into the magic that your partnership along with your work ethic can create.

horse back rider training

Two options to work with me in this energy and take back your presence as a rider


Rider Reclaimed

12 Weekly calls 4/month



*Payment plans available


Rider Reignited

6 Biweekly calls 2/month



Pay in full only



You choose what’s right for you.



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